Enjoy Lake Shikotsu
through activities

Tsuruga Resort hotels arranges some popular menus of activities,
MIZU NO UTA hotel's adventure base SIRI introduces season activities
that will enhance your staying in Lake Shikotsu.
After enjoying a lot of activities,
let's soak in the hot springs. A trip of be healed by beautiful nature in here.

When experiencing outdoor activities,
please abide by the rules of Lake Shikotsu so that guests can use all facilities safely.
Lake Shikotsu Rules

Snowshoe Rental

Lake Shikotsu Forest Private Tour. How about taking a stroll around the hotel wearing snowshoes? Even the paths made difficult by snow become easily passable when you have snowshoes on. Let's enjoy the beauty of nature while experiencing the mysterious atmosphere of Lake Shikotsu.

Lake Shikotsu Chitose River River Snorkeling
Date From Dec. to Mar.
Age Junior high school students and above
Number of Rentals 4 units
Price 1,100 yen / hour(Included Rental Poles)
Attire Winter clothing (top and bottom), ski wear is acceptable, cold-resistant hat, gloves (waterproof and insulated), cold-resistant boots (high-cut with waterproof and cold-resistant properties).

Please use them within the hotel premises or in a nearby park.

Rental e-Bike

The electric assist function makes it easy to move forward, so you won't get tired easily!
Feel the pleasant breeze and go out to see the glittering Lake Shikotsu !

Manufacturer YAMAHA
Model Number YPJ-XC
Price 2 hours 2,200 yen / 1 Day(7 hours) 5,500 yen
*Extension is 1,100 yen for 1 hour.
Rental Conditions Only for hotel staying guests, junior high school students and above (height 165 cm or more)
*There is no size for those under 165 cm or for children.
Included Price Helmet (required to wear)
*Protectors can be rented upon request (free of charge)
Important Points ・If you are under 20 years old, you need parental consent.
・You need to sign the application form and consent form at the time of rental.
・Please show your ID Card(driver's license or passport that can be used to verify your identity) when renting.
・When renting, please ride safely according to the Road Traffic Act.
・Maximum payload weight of 90kg or less.

Nordic Walk

The voices of seasonal plants and wild birds, the sparkle of the lake surface...
Why don't you walk along the charming Lake Shikotsu surrounded by rich nature with a certified guide?

Nordic Walk

Time ①09:00 ②14:00
*Tour time is about 1 hour and 30 minutes from gathering to dissolution.
Price ・Adults / 3,300 yen
・Children (6-12 years old) / 1,500 yen
Available Age 6 years and over
*Children under the age of 6 to 12 are accompanied by a guardian.
Number of Participants From 1 person to a maximum of 15 persons
Included Price Rental Pole
Place Around Lake Shikotsu
Reservation Deadline until 17:00 the day before


  • All prices include Tax.
  • Limited our staying guests could be booked.
  • Guests could enjoy the hot Spring public bath after the activity concludes is free of charge. (Bathing hours are from 14:00, and we also offer luggage storage service.)
  • Contents are subject to change.

Reservations / Inquiries

Lake Shikotsu Tsuruga Resort Spa
(General Reception)
TEL : +81-123-25-2211


Learn More Activities in Lake Shikotsu

If you're interested in booking an activity experience package, please reach out to these two companies for inquiries.

Green season

Clear SUP

Clear SUP

Stand on a large clear board with outstanding stability and paddle to the surface of the water. The guide (certified instructor) will give a detailed lecture, so even beginners can rest assured. Includes free rental of equipment & photo data gift during the tour !

Date From early of Jul. to end of Oct.
Activity Company Ocean Days (オーシャンデイズ)

Lake Shikotsu Chitose River Snorkeling

Lake Shikotsu Chitose River River Snorkeling

The Chitose River flowing out from Lake Shikotsu. Feel the best water in Japan on your skin. In summer, you can also see a lot of Ezo-Chub or fishes while swimming on the waterweed.


From Apr. to Jun.①09:30 / ②12:30 / ③15:00

From Jul. to Sept.①09:00 / ②12:00 / ③15:00

Oct.①09:00 / ②12:00

Activity Company Ocean Days (オーシャンデイズ)

Guide ride Private Canoe Touring

Guide ride Private Canoe Touring

It is a private canoe cruising with a guide ride at Lake Shikotsu.
There are elderly people who are worried about on the water, so feel comfortable riding a canoe with a guide, and letting infants under the age of 3 experience, or as a chartered canoe. It will be a private tour that can meet such various orders.

Date From early of Apr. to end of Oct.
Activity Company Shikotsu Guide House CANOA(支笏ガイドハウス かのあ)

Lake Shikotsu Clear Kayak Tour

Lake Shikotsu Clear Kayak Tour

You can enjoy the best water quality lake in Japan with the only transparent kayak in Hokkaido. Only one hour from the city center. Get out of the hustle and bustle and feel the nature.

Date From Jul. to Oct.
Activity Company Ocean Days (オーシャンデイズ)

Snow season

Lake Walking

Ride the ice, bury your friends in the snow, break the ice and jump into the lake, etc...
There are different ways to enjoy it. If you want to enjoy Hokkaido-like activities, please come and experience it.
Wearing a wetsuit that doesn't get wet from the top of my clothes, so hardly feel the cold.

Date From Jan. to Mar.
(*Available only on days when there is ice.)
Activity Company Ocean Days (オーシャンデイズ)

Snowshoe Tour

A straight road with fresh snow that walks with snowshoes.
Would you like to experience the extraordinary while walking along the tree-lined avenues lined with animal footprints and giant trees on the snow ?

Date From end of Feb. to middle of Mar.
Activity Company Ocean Days (オーシャンデイズ)

Experience Lake Shikotsu Diving

Even if you are worried about swimming, it's okay! Even if you can't swim, it's safe to practice slowly where you can reach your feet. Let's enjoy the excitement of breathing underwater.
You can participate comfortably as we use a dry suit that does not get wet all year round.

Date Year-Round
Activity Company Ocean Days (オーシャンデイズ)