Beautiful and healthy
from within the body

Healthy Buffet "AMAM" is a new style healthy food buffet restaurant that
prepared simply cooking using special foodstuff.
Please enjoy the buffet that you can only find in Hokkaido using healthy ingredients.
We also provide hydrogen water, which is attracting attention
in various fields such as beauty and anti-aging.

■ Dinner

Open Hours: 18:00 - 21:00
【Last Entry: 19:30 / Close: 21:00】

*Please note that guests who check in after 19:30 will not be served dinner, and no refund will be given.
*Open hours may change without prior notice.

■ Breakfast

Open Hours: 07:00 - 09:00
【Last Entry: 08:30 / Close: 09:00】


  • Warm dishes

    Warm dishes

    Warm dishes that take advantage of the flavor using local foodstuffs such as grilled vegetables, seafood soup, and soft beef stew.

  • Chilled dishes

    Chilled dishes

    The colorful dishes with a combination of salads, sashimi, vegetables, and seafood will make you mesmerize.

  • Open Kitchen

    Open Kitchen

    We offer a freshly prepared meal using seasonal foodstuffs such as doria, stewed dishes, freshly baked roast beef, Hokkaido vegetables, seafood, and meat.

  • Sweets


    “Patissier” makes a special beauty sweets
    Enjoy as many colorful and varied sweets as you like from the Sweets shop "Patissier Lab"



Serving chef's special main dish
to the table each persons

In addition to buffet corner foods,
we will serve a “main dish that enjoys seasonal foodstuffs” at dinner.
Please choose your favorite fish or meat dish.


  • Special Order Dishes

    Special Order Dishes

    Special order dishes with carefully selected foodstuffs such as red snapper, crab and abalone are also available for a charge. Please also enjoy special dishes made with plenty of local foodstuffs.
    *The photo is an image. The menu changes on each seasons, so please contact the hotel for details.

  • Beverages


    The wine cellar at the entrance of the restaurant stores about 1,000 wines, mainly from France. Please enjoy your favorite wine according to your meal. There are also a wide variety of cocktails, carefully selected Japanese sake and shochu.



Enjoy a colorful and healthy breakfast buffet in the fresh sunshine

  • Egg Station

    Egg Station

    In the open kitchen, the chef cooks and provides a variety of warm egg dishes on the spot. Please feel free to contact us.

  • Bread


    We offer a freshly baked bread that is perfect for a buffet, such as a croissant with a crispy oral sensation. Please enjoy as much as you like.

  • Rice


    We bring warm rice cooked in Dutch oven to table. Please enjoy the rich Japanese menu such as colorful pickles, boiled dishes and fish dishes.

  • Smoothies


    We offer smoothies using fresh vegetables and fruits. You can choose from 6 different combinations and make them on the spot.



Healthy Buffet "AMAM"

Healthy Buffet "AMAM" including freshly picked vegetables from our own farm "Tsuruga Dream Farm" and seasonal vegetables near Chitose. Please enjoy the dishes unique to Hokkaido that use plenty of seasonal foodstuffs from Hokkaido.